Before you call the Contractor!

Your Riverdale Heritage Conservation District Advisory Committee would like to  remind you about the protocols involved before you get your tools out of storage or pick up the phone to hire a contractor.

Please be reminded of the following:

1. Even if the exterior renovations or repairs you may be considering (replacing windows, doors, lighting, walkways, mailboxes, etc.) do not require a City of Toronto Building Permit, any work contemplated that will visually alter the front façade of your house (or any part of the building that can be seen from the street) does require a City Heritage Permit. The Heritage Permit does not cost anything; however, the importance of applying and allowing the City’s Heritage Preservation Services staff to make sure the work is within the Heritage Guidelines for the District is extremely important, and is also the law. Please remember to go through this process as early as you can!

2. Where a Building Permit is required and granted, a Heritage Permit will be granted at the same time and at no extra cost.

For more information, contact City of Toronto Heritage Preservation Services at: 416-338-1077

While this process may seem tedious and yet another bureaucratic step to overcome, our neighbourhood was designated as an HCD for reasons other than the amazing fact that our streetscape happens to retain much of its original Victorian flavour. More than this it is very much an insurance against owners or developers wanting to renovate or even tear down homes and erect something totally out of character with the streetscape. We have all seen the ‘Lego’ type houses that have been parachuted into neighbourhoods all over the city. Fortunately, with the Heritage Conservation Designation that will not be happening in our neighbourhood.

Heritage Guidelines

For a reminder of the Riverdale Heritage Guidelines agreed to though public consultations held at three public meetings in 2006 and 2007, please click on ”Riverdale Phase 1” at:

Need Help?

For those of you who are looking for professional assistance with your projects and until we can accumulate our own list of tradespeople, artisans and contractors that have been personally recommended by our own RHCD neighbours, please have a look at the Harbord Village HCD Restorers Manual. It is about as comprehensive as you can get!